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Business Lawyer

Business disputes can cause business owners to lose significant profits or can affect their reputation, shareholders, and families. In each and every case, our business lawyers and insurance attorneys fiercely protect the rights and personal interests of our clients.

Business disputes are bound to occur. Sometimes these disputes can be easily resolved, but many times the issues are complex and difficult to understand. Business disputes can cause business owners to lose significant profits or can affect their reputation, shareholders, and families.  Insurance policies are complex and confusing.  Insurance companies have substantial resources to fight claims.


Business Attorney

Our experienced commercial litigation attorneys will help you solve your complex business disputes and insurance claims. We will meet with you personally to listen to your situation so that we can focus on your problem. Over our combined 60+ years of experience, our contract lawyers have successfully handled cases involving many types of business disputes and insurance claims, including:

  • a bank employee who caused funds to be diverted from a customer’s account to the employee

  • a bank employee who convinced an elderly customer to write checks directly to the employee

  • an insurance company that denied disability coverage or nursing care coverage that was paid for and was obviously needed

  • an insurance company that denied life insurance benefits without justifiable cause

In each and every case, our business litigation attorneys and insurance attorneys fiercely protected the rights and personal interests of our clients.

Types of Business Disputes

Business litigation covers a wide range of business disputes, and these disputes can arise in a number of contexts. Business disputes may include:

  • Breach of contract claims

  • Fraud

  • False Claims Act claims

  • Whistleblower actions

  • Insurance bad faith claims

  • Insurance coverage and claims

  • Wage and hour claims

  • Technology disputes

  • Investment fraud

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Unlawful competition

  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices

  • Infringement of intellectual property rights

  • Interference with economic relations

  • Employment disputes

  • Corporate, shareholder, and partnership disputes

Types of Breaches of Contract

Our legal team has helped resolve breaches of contracts and fraud between businesses and between consumers and businesses. These claims include:

  • Sales contracts

  • Equipment purchase contracts

  • Breach of warranties

  • Failure to perform

  • Incomplete performance

  • Delayed performance

  • Stock sales

  • Real estate

  • Leases

  • Joint ventures

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Licensing agreements

  • Fraud in the inducement

  • Suppression

  • Misrepresentations

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